road stud/spike ceramic

Road stud/spike ceramic YX-F912

Product Name: Ceramic Road Studs
Size: 4-inch Dowel 6-inch Dowel
Color: white yellow (can be customized)
Size: 100 * 100mm, 150mmX150mm
Reflective angle: 360 ° reflective
Weathering performance:> 16280h
Impact resistance: ≥25 metric tons
Features: The heat treatment of the porcelain bottom and opaque glazed composition, ceramic road signs wear good performance, eye-catching yellow and white in the rainy weather or sunny are very eye-catching, well to the traffickers played a warning role.
Specifications: 4 inch white / yellow, 6 inch white / yellow (can be customized)

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road stud/spike ceramic
road stud/spike ceramic