Our Mission

At Fuzhou YuXing New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. we are committed to serving our clients with the highest quality light fittings on the market at a great value. We are willing to work with you to suit your business needs and make sure you are completely satisfied.

Our Factory

Our story begins in 1990 when an elder of our founder’s family, Xiang, had opened his first small workshop to make ceramic crockeries.

We have maintained thousands of years of traditional ceramic handicraft, and have the capability to provide over 100 million lamp holders annually for both consumer and commercial use.

We are located in Chiyuan, Fujian Province which is also known as ‘The China Porcelain Zone’. 

The area has a wealth of porcelain mineral resources, which has led to the rapid development of local ceramic industries.

Our Leadership

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Through our many years of experience, we have built a strong team ready to help our clients from consultation to production and sales. 

We pride ourselves in our quality products and superior service and look forward to working with you!