Our Story

Yuxing's factory location Chiyuan Town
YuXing Electrical Appliances was founded in October, 1997. It is located in Chiyuan, Fujian Province, also known as 'The China Porcelain Zone'. We have maintained thousands of years of traditional ceramic handicraft

The area has a wealth of porcelain mineral resources, which led to the rapid development of local ceramic industries.

A local manufacturing process style

The material is processed into a soft ceramic clay that can be used in manufacturing. The workers then carry the finished ceramic clay after it is processed.

YUXING “Dragon Kiln”

Inherited the Millennium Kiln - “Dragon Kiln”

workers working on dry mineral processing

Production and manufacturing mold by yuxing

I-Precision mold making, which allows us to create products of higher quality.

About YuXing

YuXing Electrical Appliances was founded in October 1997. We are located in Chiyuan Town, Fujian Province, also known as ‘The China Porcelain Zone’. We produce a wide variety of lamp bases, adapters, switches, wires and other related lamp accessories.

Our products have been tested and approved for UL, CUL, CQC, EK, CE, AND VDE certifications. We have clients in Japan, Korea, USA, Europe and Southeast Asia. After years of development, we have built a strong team to manage our supply chain from design, production and sales. We are capable of supplying over 100 million lamp holders annually for both consumer and commercial use.


Combining research, quality control, and development with strong determination has given YuXing its global market edge.

We aim to provide quality products and service to all of our clients.

Yuxing's factory location Chiyuan Town

As of July 2008, Chiyuan, Fujian had over 222 porcelain enterprises, employing 12,000+ people. Products range from both high and low voltage porcelain fuses to knife switches, insulators, and lamps.

We sell our products across China and export to five continents, and across four oceans. Porcelain pieces account for about 70% of the national market and 30% of the international market. Electric porcelain enterprises have an output value of 700 million yuan annually.