Yuxing Light Fittings

Top Supplier of Light Fittings and Lamp Holders

YuXing Electrical Appliances was founded in October 1997. We are located in Chiyuan, Fujian Province which is also known as ‘The China Porcelain Zone’. We provide a wide range of lamp bases, adaptors, switches, wires, and other related lamp accessories.

Our products have been tested and approved for the UL, CUL, CQC, EK, CE, and VDE certifications. Through our many years of experience, we have built a strong team ready to help our clients from consultation to production. We have the capability to provide over 100 million lamp holders annually for both consumer and commercial use.

YuXing has a global market edge over the competition as we have focused on research, quality control and development. We pride ourselves in our quality products and superior service and look forward to working with you!

What's our story?

Our story begins in 1990 when an elder of our founder’s family, Xiang, opened his first small workshop to make ceramic crockeries.

During his first five years of operation, Xiang had learned that ceramics can be used in various ways ranging from home decor applications such as door knobs, drawer knobs, cabinet knobs and handles and more. Recognizing an opportunity, he decided to expand his production lines. After borrowing $2,000 USD, he hired his first employee to start casting different types of molds for knobs and handles.

By 1998, strong market demand encouraged the family to create an official catalog with a range of products. Meanwhile the YuXing Corporation was created to serve the needs of these markets.

About Our Factory

YuXing has prided itself with the production of handles, knobs and accessories for furniture since 1998. We demonstrate our passion and attention to detail in the creation of our products, which are always new and adapted to the market. Special emphasis is placed on the production of handles and knobs for kitchen and bathroom furniture.

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